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Record Phone Calls. And what is more interesting to note is that: Windows Mobile OS had never won the battle against Symbian in the past.

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Don't understand why Nokia needed Elop so badly? All Nokia need was a strong will to survive like Blackberry. Good management and loyal costumers could have easily saved save Nokia definitely not Elop!

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Please bring Symbian and the axed jobs back. Europe has to have their distinctive OS and alot of people and their families need the jobs and the economics to grow. Firstly they send out its spy as the CEO of nokia, forced it to use Windows, killed its market, devalued it, and bought it, harvested its brand name. And now lays out thousands of Families's life. Only if Nokia had not gone to the dark side and went Android's way 3 years ago.

Don't blame Russian or Ukrainian for the fall of Nokia. The only person to be blamed is S. Microsoft thank you for doing this to Nokia fanboys.

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Let's see who is going to like Nokia now? Nokia is a small part of When you say Nokia sales are "going up" are you saying thus of a fact or you are saying it based on how much you like the WP or how much you believe in Nokia?? Figures probably don't support your view on the viability of the Nokia brand.

Why Nokia can't go up with Microsoft is that their policies for the market where Nokia exists or existed is very very unstable; Microsoft can kill a 3 months old OS version by releasing a completely new platform you can't upgrade the old one to and kill support for the platform within a year all together. Microsoft can kill newly released phone by making a new one within months before the existing one even reaches a quarter of the worlds market.